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All manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor, Daniel J. Pondella, II. Manuscripts may be submitted by mail, or by email as a Word document. Authors are requested to submit the names, addresses, and specialties of three persons who are capable of reviewing the manuscript. Evaluation of a paper submitted to the BULLETIN begins with a critical reading by the Editor; several referees also check the paper for scientific content, originality, and clarity of presentation. Judgments as to the acceptability of the paper and suggestions for enhancing it are sent to the author at which time he or she may be requested to rework portions of the paper considering these recommendations. The paper then is resubmitted on disk in word format and may be re-evaluated before final acceptance.

Proof: The galley of proof and manuscript, as well as reprint order blanks, will be sent to the author. He or she should promptly and carefully read the proof sheets for errors and omissions in text, tables, illustrations, legends, and bibliographical references. He or she marks corrections on the galley (copy editing and proof procedures in Style Manual) and promptly returns both galley and manuscript to the Editor. Manuscripts and original illustrations will not be returned unless requested at this time. All changes in galley proof attributable to the author (misspellings, inconsistent abbreviations, deviations from style, etc.) will be charged to the author. Reprint orders are placed with the printer, not the Editor.

Daniel J. Pondella, II
Moore Laboratory of Zoology
Occidental College
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