The California Chapter focuses on freshwater systems along the Pacific coast, arid west regions, and the western mountains. Many of the members are current participants of the California Aquatic Bioassessment Workgroup (CABW) which has met annually since 1994. The Chapter also reaches out to members from California’s professional scientists and students interested in all freshwater environments and organisms, including desert pup fish and algae.

The California Chapter will address issues associated with freshwater bioassessment, stream ecology, and taxonomy. The Chapter conducts an annual conference, generates funds to support student membership and scholarships, and supports continued aquatic education events. The California Chapter will be offering scholarships for those individuals presenting in the Freshwater Symposia at the Southern California Academy of Sciences 2017 Annual Meeting. Students who submit their abstracts under the CA Society for Fresh Water Sceince Student category on EventBrite are subject to final approval by the chapter to have their fees waived. It is anticipated that scholarships to cover registration fees will be awarded. The Chapter encourages all Freshwater Symposia presenters and attendees to consider applying for a scholarship.