1900 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405



Click here for directions from numerous areas to Santa Monica College.

Click here for a map of the meeting location on campus.

Food options:
On campus:
Campus Kitchen (in the Cayton center) - conference attendees get 5% discount, just mention SCAS

Off campus:
Walk SOUTH along 17th to Ocean Park:
Shaka Shack Burgers (17th & Ocean)
Thyme Café (just west of 17th on Ocean)
Local Kitchen & Wine Bar (just east of 17th on Ocean)
Walk NORTH out of campus main entrance onto Pico:
Subway (east of 17th on Pico, westbound side of Pico)
Grey Block Pizza (east of 17th on Pico, westbound side of Pico)
Burger King (Pico & 20th, westbound side of Pico)
Campos Famous Burritos (Pico & 20th, eastbound side of Pico)
Pizza Hut (Pico & 21st, westbound side of Pico)
Lazy Daisy Café (Pico & 23rd, eastbound side of Pico)